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  • changing furnace filter
    Furnace Maintenance Before the Weather Gets Cold

    Is your furnace ready for the cold winter months?

    All homeowners should take furnace maintenance steps before the winter months set in. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with a broken heating system and a freezing home. Furnaces should have routine maintenance done at least once a year to make sure they remain in top shape.

    But what steps should you take during your annual furnace maintenance? We'll go into everything you need to do below. Keep reading to learn more and keep your family warm!


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  • new HVAC duct system
    Things to Consider for Your HVAC Systems During Home Renovations

    Last year, while most Canadians stayed inside their homes, a good portion of them performed some home renovations as well!

    While you may be focusing on adding a new room or redesigning your kitchen, ignoring your HVAC system could make all that work go to waste. Taking the proper steps to protect or upgrade your HVAC system will keep your home heating and cooling systems functioning, especially after that new basement remodel!

    Continue reading to learn more about the connection between home renovations and HVAC systems!


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  • new air conditioner
    Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

    It has been a record-breaking summer in Ontario, with temperatures well above average. As forecasts predict a continued heat wave originating from the West, residents are retreating inside to escape daytime temperatures that have been consistently above 30 C. 

    With summer conditions like these, homeowners expect that their air conditioning system will function properly. What they fail to recognize, however, are the warning signs that accompany an ageing or failing unit. If you are a homeowner responsible for maintaining a heating and air conditioning system, it's crucial to know what to look out for. 

    Read our guide to make sure your air conditioning system is ready for this hot Canadian summer


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  • poor water quality
    What Are the Main Indicators of Poor Water Quality?

    According to water tests done across Canada in 2014, one-third of the results showed higher than acceptable lead levels. A complex system of old pipes throughout much of Canada is to blame for the lead leaching, which is unfortunately difficult to handle.

    With news like this, poor water quality indicators are more important than ever to identify a potential hazard properly. Identifying the signs of poor water quality can also alleviate the stress of not knowing.

    Let's take a deeper dive into some of the most common water quality indicators, ways to keep your family safe, and how to handle poor water quality.


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  • Close up the pouring purified fresh drink water from the bottle on table
    The Most Common Problems With Your Water

    The cleanliness of your pipes is a serious concern when it comes to the health of your family and the plumbing inside your home. If you’re not careful, this could lead to a handful of problems with the safety of your drinking water. At Hometech Environmental Ltd, we provide only the finest water treatment and purification services around Aurora and the surrounding areas. Here are the main problems that could happen to your drinking water, and what might be causing them:

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  • Plumber repaires furnace
    4 Common Furnace Problems and What to Do About Them

    Proper maintenance can help prevent many common furnace problems. However, no matter how diligent you are in servicing your heating system, there may still come a time when you encounter these common problems.

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  • New carbon filter cartridge for house water filtration system
    What Is Reverse Osmosis?

    In Canada, we are lucky enough to be able to take clean water for granted. Here, it’s abundant and cheap. Even though we might take it for granted sometimes, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a minute every once in a while to appreciate the science behind our clean water. The more you learn about how we get our water and how we keep it clean, the better decisions you’ll be able to make about your own home’s water sources and water filtration systems.

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  • Woman suffering a heat wave at home
    5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

    A properly functioning air conditioner isn’t just a luxury in the summertime. It’s essential. To keep your loved ones cool and comfortable in the heat, you should be sure to have a professional perform regular maintenance on your system. This will not only extend the life of your unit, but it also makes sure you don’t experience any annoying interruptions to your air conditioning comfort.

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  • Woman suffering from air quality problems
    The Main Symptoms of Poor Air Quality in Your Home

    Air quality has never been at the forefront of people's minds as much as it is today. Due to the coronavirus, Canadians are taking extra care about contaminants and the air they breathe.

    A combination of social distancing, wearing masks, and improving the air quality inside homes and public spaces will help us get past this nasty virus sooner rather than later. 

    One place to start is by learning about the main points of poor air quality symptoms.

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  • Glass of purified water
    What Water Purification System Is Best for Your Home?

    In 2019, a water quality study was conducted by over 120 journalists. They found that the lead in hundreds of thousands of Canadian households was problematic.

    It was even worse than the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Flint had a bad water quality problem back in 2018. 

    Canadians are more concerned about their health now more than ever, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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