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Things to Consider for Your HVAC Systems During Home Renovations

new HVAC duct system

Last year, while most Canadians stayed inside their homes, a good portion of them performed some home renovations as well!

While you may be focusing on adding a new room or redesigning your kitchen, ignoring your HVAC system could make all that work go to waste. Taking the proper steps to protect or upgrade your HVAC system will keep your home heating and cooling systems functioning, especially after that new basement remodel!

Continue reading to learn more about the connection between home renovations and HVAC systems!


Be Cautious of Dust

Inevitably, before your home looks new, it's going to look a little bit messy at first!

If weather permits, some of the cutting and debris-causing work can be performed outdoors to limit indoor mess. You can also close or cover any HVAC unit vents to prevent dust from sneaking in.

After the work is complete, it's a good idea to not only clean the immediate area but also the ducts themselves. Air filters should also be replaced after any cleaning to ensure clean air.

Heating and Cooling During Renovations

To best avoid debris from entering or damaging your system, you'll probably want to turn off your HVAC units. Additionally, you may need to shut it off if you plan on extending or replacing the system as well.

You'll also want to consider the time of year your home renovation will be done since your team may be working without heating or cooling. If it's a lengthy project requiring you to be outside of your home, you will also need to keep up with regular HVAC maintenance. This is because the longer your units remain off, the more stress is put on them upon restart.

New Home Layout or Size

If you're adding a new space, you may also need to add new ducts, vents, and settings to your current HVAC system. Additionally, it may be necessary to install an additional or brand new unit to accommodate the increased energy needs. While Canada does have AC unit energy regulations, every home is different.

It's best to consult HVAC professionals before and after renovations to make sure your system fits your needs while also not being inefficient!

Formal HVAC Evaluation

One of the most important considerations for renovations is to get your HVAC system evaluated. This means more than just checking that it turns on and has a clean filter.

Companies, like Hometech Environmental, can perform air quality tests to recommend some of the best units for your home. They can also check for any damage or if a new unit installation would be better during a renovation instead of repairs.

Renovations allow you a unique opportunity to upgrade several external and internal parts of your home; installing an energy-efficient and safe furnace or air conditioner can lead to your ultimate home comfort!

Finding HVAC Systems in Aurora and York Region

Whether you need renovation HVAC advice or need to install new HVAC systems, Hometech Environmental Ltd. is here for you! We can repair or modify your HVAC system to ensure your newly renovated rooms are at a perfect temperature!

With more than 35 years of professional experience, we proudly serve Aurora and the York Region. Contact us today to discuss your project and get a free estimate!


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May 24

While renovating your home, it's crucial not to overlook your HVAC system. Protecting or upgrading your HVAC during this time ensures it runs efficiently. Cover vents to prevent dust, clean ducts afterward, and replace air filters by hiring an HVAC Contractor. Plan renovations with seasonal HVAC needs in mind, and maintain regular upkeep to prevent system strain.

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