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Commercial and Residential Water Quality Testing Services in Aurora

Hometech Environmental Ltd provides dependable water quality testing services in Aurora, Newmarket and throughout the York Region. A number of diseases can spread through water, and the consumption of contaminated water can have severe adverse effects on your health. By providing dependable and accurate testing, we can help you detect impurities in your water and install solutions to get rid of them to protect the health of your family, employees or clients. Book us for a visit to your residential or commercial property and get your city water or well water tested.

Water Quality Testing in Aurora

Water quality testing is a procedure that is performed to determine the condition of the water that you receive from a city source or a well. Testing ensures that the water you are getting is fit for consumption and does not contain any properties, elements or attributes that could adversely affect your health and well-being. The parameters that are tested include temperature, pH, turbidity, salinity, nitrates and phosphates, among other things.

Our Solutions to Improve Water Quality

Hometech Environmental Ltd offers water treatment solutions that can improve the quality of the water you use every day. These solutions include:

Water softeners:

The use of water softeners can remove the ions present in water that cause it to become hard. Mostly, these are calcium and magnesium ions. If needed and depending on several factors, such as the plumbing system of your residential or commercial property, we can also install a water softener connected directly to your water supply.

RO (reverse osmosis) systems:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems use semipermeable sheets to filter out contaminants and give you water that is clean, safe and fit for drinking purposes.


Filters, or water filtration systems, are available in various models that follow a targeted approach and remove specific contaminants in water. These could be dust and dirt, bacteria, odour etc.

Ultraviolet light systems:

These systems emit Ultraviolet (UV) Lights of a particular wavelength. These lights then disrupt the DNA of microorganisms present in water, thus making it clean.

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Schedule Water Quality Testing

We serve families and clients in Aurora, Newmarket and throughout the York Region to identify contaminated water and provide solutions.

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