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The Most Common Problems With Your Water

Close up the pouring purified fresh drink water from the bottle on table

The cleanliness of your pipes is a serious concern when it comes to the health of your family and the plumbing inside your home. If you’re not careful, this could lead to a handful of problems with the safety of your drinking water. At Hometech Environmental Ltd, we provide only the finest water treatment and purification services around Aurora and the surrounding areas. Here are the main problems that could happen to your drinking water, and what might be causing them:

Water discoloration

Brown water coming out of your faucets or shower could be a sign of deteriorating water pipes around your neighbourhood. As metal pipes get older, they become covered in rust. As the pipes rust, particles of iron and manganese settle in your neighbourhood water supply. This typically happens during periods when water flow is particularly low. The city should do periodic flushes of your municipal pipes to prevent problems like this from happening. Check with your neighbours to see if they’re having the same problem. If they are, it’s likely a problem with public piping. While rusty water isn’t dangerous, you might want to flush it out before using it. Simply run your water for a period of two hours and the rust contamination should run its course.

If the discoloration hasn’t disappeared within that time, it could be a problem with your hot water heater. Like your municipal pipes, your hot water tank can rust over time if not properly cleaned and cared for. When your hot water tank is producing brown water, it could be time to either clean or even completely replace the tank.

Water that smells bad

Water with a bad smell can be caused by a number of different things. Bacteria that have contaminated your drinking water generally cause these odours:

• Sulfur. Sulfur bacteria or the presence of hydrogen sulfide likely causes this odour. Because these bacteria dwell in oxygen deficient environments, the depths of your plumbing are the ideal place for them to be. While they aren’t dangerous, you still might want to check the ventilation in your pipes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

• Sewage odour. Bacteria born of leftover food that are trapped inside your pipes generally cause this foul smell. These bacteria cause a heavy gas that is released from the drain whenever the water is turned on, making it seem like the water is the source of the odour.

If your having trouble with the cleanliness of your water, call us at Hometech Environmental and book an appointment. Let us take care of all your water purification needs around Aurora. More of our products and services can be found right here.



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