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Serving York Region for Over 30 Years

Your Water and Air Purification Specialists

Improve the quality of your indoor environment with the latest in air and water purification technology from Hometech Environmental Ltd. of Aurora. Call us for your product and service needs in York Region and beyond. Our licensed technologists specialize in sales, installation and service for all makes and models of HVAC and water filtration equipment.


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The Right Solutions for Clean Water and Air

You'll receive the best service from workers licensed for plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration and natural gas. We have the credentials for equipment installation at residential, commercial and light industrial sites.


We have the perfect air and water solutions to make your home or business cleaner and more comfortable. Dedicated to completing every installation in a timely manner, Hometech Environmental Ltd. is also committed to helping you find the solution that best fits your needs and budget.


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Breathe in Fresh, Clean Air with our Air Purification Products & Services

As homes have become more airtight nowadays, they can trap pollutants indoors. According to the EPA, indoor air levels of many pollutants “may be 2-5 times, and occasionally, more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels.”


This reality is not a pleasant one. No one likes the idea of breathing in that many pollutants, especially if they have respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Pollutants lower your quality of life, but there are a couple ways to make sure they have minimal to no effect on your home or business. Using either one of the following types of central or individual air purification systems, you can clear your air and enjoy the taste of fresh air:

  • Five-stage HEPA UV filter
  • Optimum whole home HEPA system
  • Premium system inline filtration system
  • Ultraviolet system

But what system is better? If you are looking for a more economic option, you are better off buying an individual air purification system. Trying to maintain central HVAC equipment and a central air purification system would be too expensive. However, an individual air purification system does not have enough speed to really cleanse your air. It’s powered as highly as a tiny fan can go, which is not enough to fully purify an area. But it does help remove some particles. 


If you feel you can afford to spare some money, you might want to consider getting a central purification system. With that type of air purification, you will have an easier time removing all of your home or business’ dirty air and making sure it stays outside.


Air and Water Quality Testing

What contaminants are in the water from your faucet? Does your home’s air trigger your child’s allergies? Let Hometech Environmental test the air and water quality in your home or business. We're happy to answer all your questions before we schedule installation of any air or water purification systems.

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