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Indoor Air and Water Purification Specialists

When it comes to residential, commercial, or industrial water and air purification, we can help. Save big on HVAC, plumbing, and water purification!

HVAC Contractor in Aurora & York Region 

Upgrade your indoor environment with cutting-edge air and water purification technology from Hometech Environmental Ltd. Our commitment to excellence is proved through our comprehensive indoor environmental testing and the expert installation of heating, air conditioning, water purification, and air filtration systems.

With a legacy of over 35 years in the York region, we are your trusted HVAC contractor in Aurora. Our seasoned HVAC contractors deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions, handling everything from sales to installation and service for HVAC, plumbing, and water purification needs. Our technicians, well-versed in residential, commercial, and light industrial settings, come equipped with the necessary credentials for precise equipment installation.

At Hometech Environmental Ltd, we prioritize your well-being through top-quality HVAC, plumbing, and water purification services. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate for a healthier, more comfortable living or working space.

Our Services and Products

At Hometech Environmental Ltd, we offer professional services and products for your home comfort. As trusted HVAC contractors based in Aurora and serving the York Region, we are dedicated to providing quality services to clients in the local area. Our main services include



Keep your home warm with our top-notch furnace solutions. Our expert technicians install, repair, and maintain furnaces, ensuring your family stays cozy in the Canadian winters.


Air conditioning

Stay cool during hot summers with our reliable air conditioning services. We specialize in AC installations, repairs, and maintenance to guarantee a comfortable indoor environment.



Count on us for professional plumbing services. From leak repairs to installations, our skilled plumbers ensure your home's plumbing systems run smoothly.


Water purification

Enjoy clean and safe water with our water purification services. We install advanced purification systems to enhance the quality of your drinking water.

Breathe in Fresh, Clean Air with our Air Purification Products & Services

As homes have become more airtight, they can trap pollutants indoors. According to the EPA, indoor air levels of many pollutants “maybe 2-5 times, and occasionally, more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels.”


This reality is not a pleasant one. No one likes the idea of breathing in that many pollutants, especially if they have respiratory conditions such as asthma. Pollutants lower your quality of life, but there are a couple of ways to ensure they have minimal to no effect on your home or business.

Using either one of the following types of central or individual air purification systems, you can clear your air and enjoy the benefits of fresh air:

Five-stage HEPA UV filter:

Enjoy pristine air quality as our cutting-edge filtration system captures and eliminates particles, ensuring a healthier indoor environment.

Premium system inline filtration system:

Our top-tier filtration system guarantees the removal of contaminants, ensuring your home is filled with only the pure, fresh air.

Optimum whole-home HEPA system:

Elevate your living spaces with our comprehensive HEPA system, providing optimal air purification.

Ultraviolet system:

Harness the power of ultraviolet technology to neutralize harmful microorganisms, creating a safer and cleaner atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Our Specialties

We can help homeowners, commercial property owners, and industrialists achieve Aurora's water and air purification objectives. These include:


We offer top-notch furnace installations and repairs for efficient heating in Canadian winters.

Solar energy:

Embrace sustainable living with our solar energy solutions, reducing your environmental footprint.

Air conditioning:

Stay cool during the warm seasons with our expert air conditioning services and installations.

Ventilation systems:

Improve air circulation and quality with our cutting-edge ventilation solutions.

Tankless heaters:

Enjoy endless hot water on demand while saving energy with our tankless water heater installations.


Explore our range of high-quality filters to maintain optimal performance in your HVAC systems.

Iron removal:

Say goodbye to water discolouration and stains with our effective iron removal solutions.

Ductless air and heat:

Experience personalized comfort with our ductless systems, providing heating and cooling solutions.

Rooftop units:

Optimize space and efficiency with our rooftop HVAC units tailored to your needs.

HEPA and media air filtration:

Breathe easy with our advanced filtration systems, ensuring clean and healthy indoor air quality.

Water softeners:

Enhance your water quality with our water softening systems, promoting longevity for your appliances.

Reverse osmosis:

Ensure pure and clean drinking water with our reverse osmosis systems, removing impurities effectively.

Carbon filters:

Combat odours and improve air quality with our specialized carbon filters.

UV purification:

Safeguard your home against harmful microorganisms with our UV purification systems.

Professional Affiliations

Water Quality® Association - WQA
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada – HRAI
Backflow and Cross Connection Certification
Fall Protection Trained
Energy Star

Licensed Technologists For Over Three Decades

Hometech Environmental Ltd has provided innovative solutions for home and business owners north of Toronto as the world's largest indoor air and water treatment product supplier since 1989. Our HVAC contractors are licensed in natural gas, plumbing, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

You get the most up-to-date technology from the best manufacturers available today. Call us for your air and water purification requirements in Aurora and beyond.

Engineered Air
Air conditioner

Improved Air Conditioning

Experience optimal indoor comfort with our comprehensive selection of air conditioners at Hometech Environmental Ltd, your trusted HVAC Contractor in Aurora.

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