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Serving York Region for Over 30 Years

Water Purification and Filtration Services for the Greater York Region

Hometech Environmental Ltd. is dedicated to improving the quality of the water you drink and use in your home or business. From heating to filtration, we sell, install and service energy-efficient and money saving equipment that gives you cleaner, better tasting water and peace of mind every time you turn on a faucet.


Call Hometech Environmental Ltd. today to discover better water purification for your home in York Region and beyond. We are happy to provide information and a free estimate for any of our home or commercial water treatment systems, including:

Learn More about Water Purification for Aurora and Surrounding Communities

Much like Toronto and other nearby areas, water purification remains Aurora’s top priority as disinfection and disease prevention is the community’s number one concern. Due to this significant concern, your water gets heavily chlorinated and contains large amounts of fluoride.

Unfortunately, in addition to those chemicals, the water often picks up lead and a few other chemicals as it travels through home plumbing systems. Sometimes this can mean that you’ll want to improve the water you receive.

To make sure your water is properly purified, you can use the following devices:

Pitcher water filters
Point-of-use water filters
Whole-house water filtration devices

Pitcher Water Filters

When you need to quickly quench your thirst, pitcher water filters are a great help. They can supply pure, clean drinking water in a matter of minutes. All you have to do to get started is to fill up the pitcher with water. The pitcher has a filtration device, and as water trickles through to its lower reservoir, contaminants are removed and the water becomes purified. If you want to make sure this water is fresh and easily accessible, you can just leave the pitcher in the fridge. However, please note that to keep the water as clean as possible, you will need to replace the filter for the pitcher often.

Point-of-Use Water Filters

If you are worried about keeping your home’s entire water supply pure enough for everyday use, such as drinking, bathing and cooking, you can look for point-of-use water filters. Such devices help purify water straight from the tap source itself. You can install them in a variety of places, including your kitchen tap and your shower. They will last longer than most water filter devices, and they are safe for both cooking and drinking!

Whole-House Water Filtration Devices

To get the most out of a water filtration device, you should check out whole-house water filtration devices. They make sure that your house has the most purified water possible. When using one, all your water is filtered as soon as it reaches your home’s plumbing system, so you don’t have to deal with unwanted chemicals and chlorine byproducts. By removing the chlorine products, you will get better air quality, as well as water quality. You can avoid breathing in the vapour from chlorine as it evaporates into the air during showers and dishwashing, which can cause respiratory issues like asthma. Overall, a whole-house water filtration device is the most extensive way to purify your home and requires fewer filter changes.

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