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Serving York Region for Over 30 Years

Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Services in York Region

Save energy, be comfortable and breathe easily. Hometech Environmental Ltd provides, installs and services the high-efficiency equipment that treats the air in your home, office or shop.


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All Carrier® Air Conditioning Products

Our technicians are licensed for natural gas, air conditioning and refrigeration. Call for a free consultation and free estimate.

Infinity® Series Air Conditioners

Infinity® Series Air Conditioners

The quietest most efficient models Carrier® makes, these units are built for home comfort. The Infinity® series central air conditioners by Carrier® offer an enviable SEER rating up to 21. Combine this with the innovative Infinity® control for Carrier’®s highest degree of comfort management.

Performance™ Series Air Conditioners

Performance™ Series Air Conditioners

The reliable, energy efficient way to cool your space – no matter how much space you have. Carrier’s® Performance™ series line offers a compact unit for tighter installations in addition to a traditional air conditioner. Both styles can operate more quietly than many dishwashers and offer impressive SEER ratings. Based on the Department of Energy minimum efficiency standards, some of the models in the Performance™ series many not be eligible for installation in the Southeast or Southwest regions of the country. Ask your Carrier® expert to ensure your new air condition meets the regulations in your area.

Comfort™ Series Air Conditioners

Comfort™ Series Air Conditioners

If you’re looking for the most economical way to improve the reliability and efficiency of your central air conditioning system, then look no further than the Comfort™ series from Carrier®. This model has impressive SEER efficiency up to 16, that will likely reduce your utility bills. The Comfort series models can run even quieter than most hair dryers, making it easy on your ears. Based on the Department of Energy minim efficiency standards, some models in the Comfort™ series may be ineligible for installation in the Southeast or Southwest regions of the country. Speak to your Carrier® expert to find out if your new air conditioner meets the regulations in your area.

Maintain Your New or Old Air Conditioning in Aurora

As global warming has heightened the type of weather we experience, you’re going to want to be able to control the temperature of your home and business. Once those hot, sunny summer days start to appear, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed, knowing your recently-purchased or old, reliable air conditioning in Aurora will be able to cool you off. 

You may not realize this, but your air conditioning, alongside filtration, humidification and cooling, can also provide a safer atmosphere for your home as it can help relieve sufferers from allergies or asthma.

To make sure your air conditioning can help keep you cool and your air fresher, your furnace needs to be operating at the same time to help the air conditioner distribute air throughout your home and business. The best way to keep both operating in top condition is to find a quality technician from a professional company like Hometech Environmental Ltd. and get them to provide your air conditioner and furnace with the best possible maintenance. 

If you feel like either your air conditioner or furnace currently needs a technician to service them, call Hometech Environmental Ltd. today!

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